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Brian Chaput loves houses. As a child he lived through the renovation of every family home he ever lived in. His first drawings in life were of his childhood home. As an adult he has painted them and helped renovate them.  Now he will sell them. As an invaluable member of the Chaputliving Team at Royal LePage Estate Realty, Brian has recently added Salesperson to his host of current responsibilities. Courteous, conscientious and creative are qualities that have distinguished his work since he entered the field two years ago, and his energies and enthusiasms have played a major part in focusing his team toward the future.

It seemed almost inevitable that in one form or another houses would play a role in Brian’s life as his mother continues her long and successful career as a Real Estate Agent and his father is an Interior Designer.

After a childhood spent attending local schools and playing lacrosse and hockey, Brian left for Dalhousie University where he majored in International Development Studies and Music. He has subsequently worked in Panama with endangered Sea Turtles and Manatees. Brian settled in Montreal after graduation, but even that city’s allure was not strong enough to extinguish the desire to commit to the calling he has always loved.

2301 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4E 1G7
Phone: 416.690.5100