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“Dianne!! Thank you very much for all your help, we are beyond thrilled!! We spoke with Colette this eve as well, she is amazing and has been so patient with us. We feel very lucky to have such great agents and friends!! Very excited we found a home in time for this baby!!! ….and the parents are all thrilled!!”

“It has been 3 years since we sold our home in the beach and moved to the United States. Prior to our move Dianne had sold two homes for us and acted on the purchase of another. Neither my husband nor I had sold a home without Dianne, nor had we experienced stress on the sale of a home. For us, selling a home was a time of excitement and celebration. However, recent events have taught us about selling “without Dianne”. In October we sold our home in the United States. As Dianne couldn’t fly down, get a green card and obtain a license in time for the sale, we had to sell without Dianne. Life without Dianne was both frustrating and stressful. Dianne, we missed you. We missed your intelligence, integrity, honesty and most of all your humour. We expect to sell our home within the next 3 years. Do you think Dianne could get a Green Card by then?”

Susan and Dan

“We stumbled across Colette at our first open house. At the time, we didn’t have an agent. She offered to send us some listings and we accepted. In the coming days, many other agents would offer their services as well, but we were impressed with Colette’s promptness and relaxed attitude. The others were too pushy, too artificial, or too downright unprofessional. It didn’t take us long to see that Colette was the person we wanted to work with. It was definitely the right choice. Colette led us through many homes with patience and good cheer in what can only be described as a tough market. It was fun. She enjoyed looking through the homes almost as much as we did! When it came time to purchase our dream home, Colette suggested to us an extremely reliable home inspector and a friendly, competent lawyer. If good people are good because they surround themselves with other good people, then Colette must be the best.

We thoroughly recommend Colette to anyone looking to purchase a quality home.”

Cynthia and James

“Buying and Selling a home ranks with childbirth and marriage as one of life’s rewarding, but terrifying experiences. Dianne’s intimate knowledge of the Beach Real Estate market, a unique Toronto market, made it possible for us to both buy and sell homes with minimal stress. Dianne worked with us for 3 years, on our long journey to our dream home. She had the insight and patience needed to find us a home we wanted, and the tenacity and negotiating skills needed to close great deals. I would recommend Dianne to anyone.”

Andrew W. and Jennifer B.

“Thank you for all your patience and help in finding our home. You’re The Best!”

Rob and FA

“We were most impressed with your professionalism and invaluable advice on how to best showcase our home. Your extensive knowledge of the marketplace and professional attitude toward everyone involved was the key to the smooth and amicable sale of our home.”

Tony and Karen

“Your professionalism was very much appreciated. We shall continue to sing your praises to our friends! Thanks for a hassle free experience!”

Janet and Phil

“Dianne – I am still in a daze, but I really want to thank you for making this fun. I would recommend you to any one who is looking to buy or sell. You know your stuff, and I relied on that a lot. But for the emotional greaves women, you were absolutely the right person. Thank you, thank you.


Dear Dianne Chaput,

I have been thinking of you lately and thought that I would like to drop you a quick note. We know each other from last year when my husband and I were selling our house, in order to move into a bigger house across the street.

The reason why I am writing to you is to say that I do think you are the best real estate agent that we have here in the Beaches. You seem to have the right eye for houses, and use methods that bring the best out in both, houses and marketing strategies.