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Globe and Mail – April 20th, 2012: “Near-Beaches house reduced, relisted and draws rival” by Sydnia Yu.

“On the edge of the Beach community, just up the street from the lake and R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, this new stone residence was on the market for under $1.8-million last winter and reduced to about $1.63-million without securing an offer…” – Click for the full article.

Globe and Mail – April 5th, 2012: “Three bids – the one with $79,000 bonus wins” by Sydnia Yu.

“The location was really great, located just south of Queen Street … and at the bottom of the street is the lake, so you’re really close to the water,” says agent Colette Chaput. “And that price point is really rare. South of Queen Street on that street, you’re at the $1.5-million mark or higher.” – Click for the full article.

Globe and Mail – December 1st, 2011: “$75,600 over asking gets keys to Upper Beach home” by Sydnia Yu.

“A lot of people want something south of Queen at the Beach, but when they get there, they realize what you get is so small and they don’t get parking a lot of times. This house sat on a 40-foot lot and had a private driveway. Most of the properties in that neighbourhood are semis and certainly don’t have 40-foot lots.” Dianne Chaput – Click for the full article.

National Post · January 28th, 2011: “Lowdown on low-rise” by Alex Newman.

“Sales such as the Beach example, revitalize the luxury end, which takes longer to recover from a softened market. That’s because buyers in the high end tend to follow international business news and when there’s a global dip, they adopt a wait-and-see attitude. The entry level, on the other hand, is consistent because people need a place to live.” Dianne Chaput – Click for the full article.